Why does the fluorescent lamp cannot use as dimming lamp?  

Ordinary energy-saving lamp lines’(including electronic ballast) working voltage has a certain range, such as energy-saving lamps 220V operating voltage is generally between 190V to 240V, Once over this range , the light cannot work stable . The dimmer in dimming lamps usually adjust the working voltage between 0V and 220V, which has no effect on resistive load such as normal fluorescent lamp. But for energy-saving lamps, 0V-190V low-voltage segment would cause difficulty in starting or even burned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the green light?

Green lighting is designed scientifically and adopts high efficiency, long life, safety, performance and stability electrical products, including highly efficient light source and accessory (such as ballast), efficient lighting fixture to provide comfortable, safe, economic, environmental illumination system and improve people's work and life quality, be benefit to physical and mental health, and represent the modern civilization. Green lighting is designed to save energy and protect the environment, improve the lighting quality of mankind.

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how to use high bay?

(1) Industrial illumination must meet the requirements of production and inspection. The factory illumination system is usually divided into two styles. One is the workshop beyond height of 15 meters, we generally adopt gas discharge lamp as celling light source, hoisting lamps with narrow beam under the roof and install floodlights on wall and pillars. This two combined can ensure the required working brightness.The other ons is ordinary workshop, we should use high-power fluorescent lamps as the main light source and install the fixtures parallel or vertical to the beam.

(2) To choose enterprise’s lighting should follow the below principles:

①be easy to maintenance and safe to use.

② To use dust-proof, water-proof or explosion-proof lighting in the plants with explosive gas or dust. Do not fix the controlling switch in the same place, when you need to install in the same place, you should use explosion-proof switch

③ To use closed fixture with crystal water outlet or with waterproof mouth open fixtures in damp indoor and outdoor.

④ To use flood light in hot, dusty places.

⑤ To use sealed lamps in room with corrosive gas or humid space, with lighting components be treated with preservatives, and switch with protecting devices.

⑥ To use fully enclosed fixtures in dust indoor, according to output and type of the dust.

⑦ To use lighting fixture with protecting network when lamps may have mechanical damage; to use lamps with shockproof device in vibration place (such as the location with forging clock, air compressor, bridge crane).

⑧ To use porcelain lamp holder Instead of bakelite in sealed lamps withover 150-watt bulb.

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