All products of Bisong lighting have passed strict test with multistep procedure before they enter into the market. 

Make a solemn promise to sold products:

Failure of performance during normal use,(Users appear in the normal use of performance failure)we promises the following warranty service from the date of the purchase:

■  In general, the warranty of our products(LED integrated lighting)is two years;

Out of the Sales service guarantee

1. The products that beyond the warranty period;  

2. Malfunction is caused by improper use, maintenance and storage (not in accordance with the requirements of product manual installation, use and so on, any improper use, ,for example:: Incorrect wiring, does  apply to a high voltage250v, rated load or be used in environments with special exceptions ,such as high temperature, immersion, corrosion, etc); 

3. Malfunction caused by irresistible factors  (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning);

4. Doesn’t use complete set of the original products of the company, such as using our company's led chip board work with other factory's driver or ither electronic parts, etc.;) 

5. Malfunction due to product dismantled, repair and modification without our factory authorized, or altered certificates;

6. plastic parts (such as masks, borders, etc.) is not in the scope  of the after-sales service guarantee.

In addition, national laws and regulations applicable otherwise expressly provided, the Company will comply with relevant laws and regulations. 

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